David G. Horrell, Cherryl Hunt, Christopher Southgate and Francesca Stavrakopoulou (eds.),
Ecological Hermeneutics. Biblical, Historical and Theological Perspectives,
T & T Clark, 2010.


Introduction (David G. Horrell)

Part I: Biblical Perspectives
Introduction to Part I (Francesca Stavrakopoulou)
Chapter 1. The Creation Stories: Their Ecological Potential and Problems (John W. Rogerson)
Chapter 2: Sacrifice in Leviticus: Eco-Friendly Ritual or Unholy Waste? (Johathan Morgan)
Chapter 3: Reading the Prophets from an Environmental Perspective (John Barton)
Chapter 4: The Significance of the Wisdom Tradition in the Ecological Debate (Katharine J. Dell)
Chapter 5: Reading the Synoptic Gospels ecologically (Richard Bauckham)
Chapter 6: An Ecological Reading of Rom. 8.19-22: Possibilities and Hesitations (Brendan Byrne, SJ )
Chapter 7: Hellenistic Cosmology and the Letter to the Colossians: Toward an Ecological Hermeneutic (Vicky S. Balabanski)
Chapter 8: Retrieving the Earth from the Conflagration: 2 Peter 3.5-13 and the Environment (Edward Adams)

Part II: Insights from the History of Interpretation
Inroduction to Part II (Cherryl Hunt)
Chapter 9: In the Beginning: Irenaeus, Creation and the Environment (Francis Watson)
Chapter 10: Power and Dominion: Patristic Interpretations of Genesis I (Morwenna Ludlow)
Chapter 11: Thomas Aquinas: Reading the Idea of Dominion in the Light of the Doctrine of Creation (Mark Wynn)
Chapter 12: Martin Luther, the Word of God and Nature: Reformation Hermeneutics in Context (H. Paul Santmire)
Chapter 13: 'Remaining Loyal to the Earth': Humanity, God's Other Creatures and the Bible in Karl Barth (Geoff Thompson)
Chapter 14: Hans Urs von Balthasar: Beginning with Beauty (David Moss)
Chapter 15: Between Creation and Transfiguration : The Environment in the Eastern Orthodox Tradition (Andrew Louth)
Chapter 16: Jürgen Moltmann's Ecological Hermeneutics (Jeremy Law)

Part III: Contemporary Hermeneutical Possibilities
Introduction to Part III: (Christopher Southgate)
Chapter 17: Green Millenialism: American Evangelicals, Environmentalism and the Book of Revelation (Harry O. Maier)
Chapter 18: New Testament Eschatology and the Ecological Crisis in Theological and Ecclesial Perspective (Stephen C. Barton)
Chapter 19: Keeping the Commandments: The Meaning of Sustainable Countryside (Tim Gorringe)
Chapter 20: What on Earth is an Ecological Hermeneutics? Some Broad Parameters (Ernst M. Conradie)

Index of Biblical References
Index of Names
Index of Subjects



 環境の神学は、21世紀に入り、さらなる展開を見せており、環境論との関連性は聖書全体へ広がりつつある。たとえば、パウロと環境論との関連性について、イギリスのエクセター大学のプロジェクト「環境論的倫理における聖書の使用」(イギリスの「芸術と人文学の研究委員会」の財政補助を受けた)では、環境論的課題との関わりにおいてパウロ書簡を使用することが試みられている。キリスト教神学の形成に対してパウロ書簡の果たした役割を考えるとき、本格的な環境の神学にとって、この議論の展開は当然と言える。そして、このプロジェクトの中心的人物が、新約聖書の社会科学的方法で知られる、D・ホレル(David G. Horrell)である。 

David G. Horrell, Cherryl Hunt, and Christopher Southgate,
Greening Paul. Rereading the Apostle in a Time of Ecological Crisis,
Baylor University Press, 2010.


Part I: Toward an Ecotheological Hermeneutic
1 A Survey of Ecotheological Approaches
2 The Role of Hermeneutical Lenses for an Ecothology
3 A Narrative Ecothology?

Part II: The Ecothological "Mantra" -- Texts
4 The Groaning and Liberation of Creation (Romans 8:19-23)
5 The Reconciliation of All Things (Colossaians 1:15-20)
6 The Construction of a Pauline Hermeneutical Lens

Part III: Pauline Ecotheology and Ecoethics
7 An Ecological Reading of Pauline Theology
8 Paul Ethics through an Ecotheological Lens

Index of Biblical References
Index of Authors
Index of Subjects




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