Peter Harrison (ed.),
The Cambridge Companion to Science and Religion,
Cambridge University Press, 2010.

Notes on contributors

Introduction (Peter Harrison)

Part I Historical interactions
1 The fate of science in patristic and medieval Christendom (David C. Lindbeg)
2 Religion and the Scientific Revolution (John Henry)
3 Natural theology and the sciences (Jonathan R. Topham)
4 Religious reactions to Darwin (Jon H. Roberts)
5 Science and secularization (John Hedley Brooke)

Part II Religon and contemporary science
6 Scientific creationism and intteligent design (Ronald L. Numbers)
7 Evolution and the inevitability of intteligent life (Simon Conway Morris)
8 God, physics and the Big Bang (William R. Sroeger, SJ.)
9 Psychology and theology (Fraser Watts)
10 Science, bioethics and religion (John H. Evans)

Part III Philosophical perspectives
11 Atheism, naturalism and science: three in one? (Michael Ruse)
12 Divine action, emergence and scientific explanation (Nancy Murphy)
13 Science, God and cosmic purpose (John Haught)
14 Ways of relating science and religion (Mikael Stenmark)

A guide to further deading



Willis Jenkins, Mary Evelyn Tucker and John Grim (eds.),
Routledge Handbook of Religion and Ecology,
Routledge, 2016.

List of illustrations
List of contributors

Part I Introducing religion and ecology
1 The movement of religion and ecology (Mary Evelyn Tucker and John Grim)
2 Developments in religion and ecology (Sigurd Bergmann)
3 Whose religion? Which ecology? (Willis Jenkins)

Part II Global traditions
4 Hinduism (David L. Haberman)
5 Buddhism (Christopher Ives)
6 Confucianism (Yong Huang)
7 Judaism (Hava Tirosh-Sammuelson)
8 Christianity (Ernst M. Conradie)
9 Islam (Zainal Abidin Bagir and Najiyah Martiam)
10 Baha'i (Pater Adriance and Arthur Dahl)
11 Normonism (George B. Handley)

Part III Indigenous cosmovisions
Introduction (John Grim)
12 Africa (Jesse N. K. Mugambi)
13 Asia (Dan Smyer Yu)
14 Pacific region (Manuka Henare)
15 North America (Melissa K. Nelson)
16 Arctic (Frederic Laugrand)
17 Latin America (Miguel Astor-Aguilera)

Part IV Regional landscapes
Introduction (Willis Jenkins)
18 India (Christopher Key Chapple)
19 China (James Miller)
20 Latin America (Anna Peterson)
21 African Diaspora (Melanie L. Harris)

Part V Nature spiritualities
Introduction (John Grim)
22 Paganism and animism (Graham Harvey)
23 Spiritual ecology and radical environmentalism (Leslie E. Sponsel)
24 Nature writing and nature mysticism (Douglas E. Christie)

Part VI Planetary challenges
Introduction (Willis Jenkins)
25 Climate change (Mike Hulme)
26 Biodiversity (Thomas E. Lovejoy)
27 Oceans (Carl Safina and Patricia Paladines)
28 Conservation and restoration (Gretel van Wieren)
29 Food and agriculture (A. Whitney Sanford)
30 Water (Christiana Z, Peppard)
31 Animals (Paul Waldau)
32 Population (Guigui Yao and Robert J. Wyman)
33 Consumption (Laura M. Hartman)
34 Gender injustice (Heather Eaton)
35 Environmetal justice (David N. Pellow and Pengfei Guo)

Part VII Disciplinary intersections
Introduction (Mary Evelyn Tucker)
Environmental Humanities
36 History (Donald Worster)
37 Literature (Scott Slovic)
38 Philosophy (J. Baird Callicott)
39 Art (Subhankar Banerjee)

Environmental Sciences
40 Policy (Maria Ivanova)
41 Law (John Copeland Nagle)
42 Economics (Richard B. Norgaard, Jessica Goddard and Jalel Sager)
43 Ecology (Nalini M. Madkarni)




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